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We pledge to teach an integrated and diverse program of yoga styles, continually be cognizant of advances in exercise science, and to promote the development of personal tools for life-long wellness. We will introduce fundamentals while encouraging higher skill development and depth of experience.  We are dedicated to teaching holistic yoga practices that will challenge, stimulate and respect participants in all dimensions; mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical.    

Our goals are to:
  • Cultivate a comfortable yet challenging learning environment
  • Offer sound guidance through a maze of often conflicting contemporary fitness and health information
  • Model positive attitudes and help students overcome fears and misconceptions
  • Inspire participants to discover and practice enjoyable and effective yoga

What is Yoga?
What are the benefits of a
consistent yoga practice?
Yoga is a scientific system of physical and mental practices that originated in India more than three thousand years ago. It focuses on working with the mind, the body and the breath in order to achieve balance.
~strengthens core musculature
all the muscles that support and
align the spine
~helps achieve muscle balance
~aligns the body
~increases flexibility
~increases lubrication of the joints,
ligaments and tendons
~massaging of ALL organs of the body
~complete detoxification
~toning and lengthening of the muscles
~increased body awareness
~supports proper posture
~helps to build bone mass
~helps relieve tensions in the body
~aids in weight loss and management
~decreases back pain and injury
~and much more!

Who is yoga for?
yoga is ageless....
Yoga is for all ages. From babies to children, from adults to elders, the practice of yoga appeals to all ages and all shapes and sizes. The practice of yoga covers all ends of the spectrum.
Changing bodies one breath at a time
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