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One Instructor with One Student
                  Apprentice                             $40/hr  
                  Instructor/Senior Instructor    $55/hr
Private with Master Instructor                                     $65/hr

Semi-Private (Duet)
One Instructor with Two Students -- fee is per student
                 Apprentice                              n/a
                 Instructor/Senior Instructor   $35/hr 
Duet with Master Instructor                                          $40/hr

Semi-Private (Trio)
One Instructor with Three Students -- fee is per student
                 Apprentice                                n/a
                 Instructor/Senior Instructor     $25/hr
Master Instructor                                                                 $28/hr

Pilates Mat Classes

Single Class                     $12
30 Min Mat Class                                                        $8                    

Tower (1/2 Cadillac)  and/or Chair Classes

Single Class                                                               $22

Pilates System and Reformer Classes

Single Class                                                               $27
30 Min Reformer Class                                              $18

Court Jester Athletic Club West
Mind Full PILATES and YOGA Studio
216 Reynolds Rd
Johnson City, NY  13790
607.729.3332 ext 108

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