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Quality instructor education is a top priority in our studio.  The studio maintains the highest standards in teacher training that are available in the industry.  Rest assured that when you practice at Mind Full PILATES and YOGA you are receiving specialized instruction from certified Pilates and yoga professionals who also maintain CPR and AED certifications. 

Presently, there are training organizations which are taking advantage of the "Pilates and Yoga boom" and offering weekend workshops that claim to certify instructors.  A comprehensive Pilates Instructor will have completed a minimum of 600 hours of specialized training.  Be aware... Always ask about your instructor's training and experience.  

Erin began her Pilates training in California in 2001.  Her educational path began with training in the Stott Method of Pilates, mat and apparatus, and has progressed to date with classical Pilates mat certification through Power Pilates in New York City.  Erin's personal practice is truly a combination of East and West Coast Pilates!  Erin's background includes dance and various sports, specifically swimming.  She has seen the life long benefits of consistent Pilates practice through her own rehabilitation of a back injury.  Erin strongly believes that the Pilates Method is for all human bodies whether they are conditioned athletes or those  simply looking for improved functional movement. She emphasizes flexibility, core strength and increased body awareness in all her Pilates programming. 
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Kathy has built an impressive amount of credentials over the years. While at BU she developed several certification courses which many area instructors received their first trainings in the fitness industry. Kathy got the Pilates bug in 2000 taking AFAA Mat Science, became a Certified Mat Instructor through Physical Mind, and trained in the Stott Method of Pilates. In 2008 she became a Golf Conditioning Specialist and developed “Pilates for Golf” which is offered seasonally. She has been teaching at the studio since June 2008 and Level III Comprehensively Certified in January 2010. Tai Chi for Energy Certification came in September 2014 and Level 2 in October 2015 and is working on the 24 Forms.  
Kathy is an avid downhill skier, PSIA certified ski instructor and ice dancing skater at the Pre-Silver level. Summer brings favorite pastimes of traveling and hiking as well as the goal to see every National Park with husband, Venley. Current tally is 46 out of 59.  

Level III Comprehensively Certified from Peak Pilates
Physical Mind Institute certified: Initiation 101 (Classical Mat Work), Initiation 201
(Standing Pilates), Osteoporosis, Gait, Specialty in Pilates and Golf
Specializes in Yin/Yang yoga
BS Chemistry/Pre-med Allegheny College MASS from Binghamton University
Adjunct Lecturer at Binghamton University: Classical Pilates and Wellness through Yoga

Kathy McGregor
Erin DiRado

Comprehensively Certified

This certification requires over 500 hours of classroom work, personal practice and teaching hours in order to take the exam.  Along the way have been three written exams (one for each level), three practical exams (one for each level) on personal practice and teaching ability for over 500 exercises on 12 pieces of apparatus, and one final comprehensive exam on the entire repertoire.  The instructor knows how to use all Pilates apparatus:  Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Arc barrels, Foot Corrector, Ped-O-Pull, Power Circle, and Sand Bag.  It is similar to getting a Masters.       
Professionally Certified

This certification refers to an instructor who is certified in all three Levels in the following or most commonly used apparatus:  Mat, Reformer, Cadillac or ½  Tower and Power Circle.    

 A Certified Instructor has completed classroom work, required personal practice and teaching hours, and passed a practical exam for personal practice and teaching as well as a written exam.  There are 2 different avenues: 1) Mat; and 2) Apparatus.  Each avenue has three Levels:  1) Introductory & Beginner or Level I; 2) Intermediate or Level II; 3) Advanced or Level III.  Some certifying agencies combine avenues so they are pursued concurrently while others have certifications for each piece of apparatus.  There are over 12 different pieces of apparatus to learn with over 500 exercises.  For example:  an instructor can apprentice in Reformer Level I while holding a Mat Level III Certification.   

 An apprentice instructor is studying to become a certified instructor.  The apprentice can teach Introductory and Beginner level classes before and while they are attending classroom instruction, performing personal practice and documenting teaching hours that are required for certification.  Here at Mind Full Pilates, we have an in-house training program where apprentice instructors can observe and shadow teach with Comprehensively Certified instructors, who mentor and help the apprentice along the way.  


Vivian was first introduced to Pilates as part of a group health awareness program at her place of employment as a software engineer and project manager. Vivian had already been practicing yoga for ten years and realized that Pilates offered another approach to health and fitness incorporating mind and body awareness. Vivian began to practice and study Pilates and came to realize that this discipline could benefit so many people: Pilates is, indeed, for every body!

Wanting to share the benefits of this Method with others, Vivian is currently certified as a Level 1 Comprehensive Instructor through Peak Pilates.
Ruth is a registered nurse.  In 2009, she discovered and fell in love with Pilates.  She began taking various Pilates classes and private lessons, each time being more amazed how stimulating Pilates is.  It was at this time, she began to realize she had a dream... to become a Pilates instructor wanting to share her passion for Pilates with others.  Pursuing that dream, Ruth retired from her 17-year position as a certified clinical research nurse coordinator to turn her passion for Pilates into a second career.  After taking an online Pilates certification in December 2011, she began teaching Pilates at the local YMCA.  In March 2012 she completed Balanced Body University Mat 1 certification and Mat 2 certification in October 2012.  Ruth is currently certified as a Level 1 Comprehensive Instructor through Peak Pilates.
Ruth Musuneggi 

Vivian Pack
Lauren began her Peak Pilates certification in 2014. Her love for Classical Pilates came after finding it was the perfect fit of strength and discipline, which has led her to pursue this as a career.  Lauren’s background includes many years of organized dance as both a student and teacher.  She has enjoyed building the connections between her dance and Pilates classes.   She strongly agrees and models the teachings of Pilates as a life style, when designing her classes she uses all of her life experiences from here diverse background in fitness.  She will hold her Comprehensive Level 1 Peak Pilates certification in January 2015.  Lauren’s career path in Pilates is just beginning, but she looks forward to share the methodology with others!
Lauren Sheehan